Safran Vectronix AG

Important Remarks

Please read through these remarks carefully

Invoiced fee for inspection and administration of any repair quotation out of warranty time, should the repair be rejected:

  • Modules, BIG25/35, Tarsius: CHF 640.–
  • Vector: CHF 1’700.–
  • JIM-LR: CHF 1’900.–
  • PLRF, Moskito, GonioLight: CHF 800.–
  • Gyroscopes, Sterna, Moskito TI: CHF 1’430.–
  • All others: on request

If no-fault-found (NFF) is reported

Fixed report costs for all aritcles: CHF 860.–

If decision of the customer is disposal

Charge CHF 900.– for scrapping the material accordingly


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