Safran Vectronix AG


Safran Vectronix as an employer

We cultivate an informal working climate which is characterized by the self-responsibility of each team member. This positive working climate and our friendly, cooperative work relationships are supported by the Employee Council’s right in involvement, say and decision.

Employee Benefits

Flexible work times

Our work time model is based on the Swiss machine industry collective work agreement and offers employees and company alike, high flexibility in modeling their work times. We work 40 hours per week. Our employees arrange their work times independently, taking into account customer requirements and team work.

According to age, we offer 5 to 6 weeks vacation per year; in addition there are a number of bridge-over days that must, however, be individually compensated. If you plan a long-term project, such as further education or a world trip, you may „save“ overtime to take a sabbatical at a later point.

Training and further education

Each and every employee is responsible for their own development. We see ourselves as partners in our employees‘ further development by encouraging professional education. Education starts on the job and is complemented by external seminars and – if required – in extensive further education. With a  predefined annual budget, we support many of our employees in their educational needs.


We all are directly involved in the company’s accomplishments.  In addition to our salaries, we receive a bonus based on Vectronix’ success.

Awarded for Excellence in Human Resources Management

During the 12th HR Swiss Award Ceremony held in Oerlikon Zurich, Vectronix was named proud recipient of the Swiss HR Label for “Excellent Practice in Human Resource Management”. This distinct honor was extended to only 3 companies in Switzerland participating in the mid-size corporation (PME/KMU) category.

Awarded as “Top Employer” in the category “100 – 249 Employee”

We are proud to be awarded the „Swiss Employer Awards 2019“. In the comprehensive employee survey, our company was rated as a “Top Employer” and achieved a respectable 9th place.


We train apprentices in the following occupations:

  • Administration
  • Assembly and Production
  • Electronics
  • Mechanical Design
  • Multi-skilled Engineering
  • Information Technology

Our training partner is “libs” (Industrielle Berufslehren Schweiz) in Heerbrugg.
If you are interested in a one day placement, a trial apprenticeship or a job application, please contact libs directly.

At a glance

  • Fair business partner
  • High-tech products
  • Modern work methods
  • Process-oriented, ISO 9001 / 14001 certified organization
  • Multicultural team
  • High self-responsibility and independence
  • Subsidized childcare
  • Environmental awareness
  • Attractive location in the Rhine valley, far from traffic jams:
  • 10 min. to Lake Constance (Bodensee)
  • 10 min. to Germany and Austria
  • 20 min. to St. Gallen or the Appenzell region

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