Safran Vectronix AG

COLD IPC – Clip on laser rangefinding device, illumination-pointing-communication

Safran Vectronix introduces the new device COLD IPC

Eurosatory 2016 – Paris-Nord Villepinte, June 13th, 2016

Safran Electronics & Defense and its Swiss company Safran Vectronix (Heerbrugg, Switzerland) combined their knowledge to create a unique multifunctional laser range finding device.

Developed and made in Switzerland, the revolutionary Clip On Laser Range Finding Device – Illumination Pointing Communication (COLD IPC) enables one operator to handle more tasks and manage even more complex situations while keeping the target constantly in sight. Features include a high performance range finder, visible and invisible pointers, an invisible illuminator, an inclination sensor and a Bluetooth module, enabling rapid transfer of data through standard communication interfaces. In addition to providing the user constant control of the situation, the COLD IPC is both compact and versatile.

At only 120mm long, 84mm wide and 42mm high, the total weight is 340g, allowing maximum functionality with minimum weight. With its high precision and accuracy, Mil-Spec robustness and versatility, the device ensures outstanding usability and ease of use in multiple situations. Other features include a high quality bespoke display, remote control and built-in rail adaptor.

To find out more about COLD IPC please visit our microsite:

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