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Safran Vectronix - Night Vision

Phase Out: Night Vision

Safran Vectronix is phasing out the following product families:

  • TARSIUS 18
  • BIG35
  • BIG25
  • NiteSpot MR
  • NiteSpot 50


Safran Vectronix Night Vision Products

After decades of successful business with night vision equipment sold across the globe we have been facing an increasing price war in this market over the past several years. We have decided not to follow this trend since Safran Vectronix stands for quality and sustainability. 

From January 1st, 2019 the Night Vision products above will be phased out.

The last day of support for these products will be December 31st, 2019. Spare parts and maintenance services will be still available after phase-out for another five years. Individual negotiations and agreements have priority over these terms.

If you have any questions, please contact your sales representative or Safran Vectronix Customer Support.

TARSIUS18 - Night Vision Monocular
BIG35 - Night Vision Goggles
BIG25 - Night Vision Goggles
NiteSpotMR - Clip-On Night Sight
NiteSpot 50 - Clip-On Night Sight

01 | 05TARSIUS18 - Night Vision Monocular

02 | 05BIG35 - Night Vision Goggles

03 | 05BIG25 - Night Vision Goggles

04 | 05NiteSpotMR - Clip-On Night Sight

05 | 05NiteSpot 50 - Clip-On Night Sight

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