Safran Vectronix AG

Ultisense OEM Modules for true northfinding & laser rangefinding


When small things make a big difference

Ultisense – The OEM success factor

We set standards when it comes to sensors of highest quality for orientation and distance measurement.
As the market leader in the fields of observation and location, we offer optronic devices, systems, and sensors for both military and civilian applications. Our reliable products are popular across the globe.

We rise to each new challenge, making continuous advancements along the way. Our business activities are clearly focused on our customers’ specific needs as well as the implementation of these in a professional manner. As a result, we create customized products and solutions that are unparalleled the world over.

Swiss Roots. Global Focus.

As a global partner with roots in Switzerland, we focus on reliable, accurate and flexible premium components, particularly when it comes to integrating optical components and sensors into systems used in the defense and security sector as well as industry in general. This attitude and experience has made us well-known, even beyond the borders of Switzerland.


Range of Services

  • Flexible solution provider
  • High-end quality OEM modules
  • Sturdy and reliable products
  • Highest performance under the toughest conditions
  • Minimal lifecycle costs
  • Experienced and reliable project partner
  • Short response times and rapid service
  • Support during the decision-making process

Pre-Sales Advice

Our specialists identify all of a customer’s requirements and support them throughout the entire project.

Development Services

Within the scope of providing customer-specific solutions, we offer a complete range of development services from one source.

Sophisticated Products

At Ultisense, our customers can select from a wide range of existing high-end products.

Custom-Tailored Solutions

Many of our customers’ missions demand customized, independent modules. Solutions from Ultisense are perfect in this regard.

On-Site Support

To ensure successful system integration, an experienced Vectronix team advises and supports our customers
on-site at their location.

Rapid Service Worldwide

Our service team is available worldwide around the clock for all of our customers’ issues and guarantees rapid response times.

northfinding oem mNorthfinding OEM modulesodules
Laser Rangefinder Modules for your Integration
ULTISENSE – sensors of the highest quality

01 | 03Northfinding OEM modules

02 | 03Laser Rangefinder Modules for your Integration

03 | 03ULTISENSE – sensors of the highest quality

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