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How to apply

How to apply

We expect a motivated application. Tell us why you are interested in a certain position and why you are the right person for Safran Vectronix AG.

In addition, send us:

  • your CV in tabular form (latest position first) with a short description of each work area
  • all work references from former employers
  • copies of diplomas and the most important certificates

e-mail applications:

Please attach no more than 4 enclosures and give them a descriptive name.

For example:
  • enclosure 1: “CV”
  • enclosure 2: “work references”
  • enclosure 3: “dipl. & certificates”

Please adress your e-mail application to

What you should not send:

A photo. We are interested in your personality and skills, not in your look.
Certificate copies of courses that lasted less than 5 working days.

We are looking forward to meeting dynamic and flexible team players who ideally complete our highly motivated, multicultural team!

Manuela Manser
Head of Human Resources

Send us your application

If you have any open questions or input please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We're looking forward hearing from you.

Get in touch with us

Manuela Manser

Head of Human Resources in Switzerland

Rosalba Sutter

Human Resources Administration in Switzerland

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